Emergency and Critical Care

Unlike human hospitals, most veterinary clinics do not have a special emergency room. Therefore, when an emergency comes in to Highview or Meadows, such as an animal being hit by a car, it are treated with priority. This sometimes disrupts the normal appointment process. Most owners realize this and are patient if they are held up for a short period.

Likewise many patients that arrive at our door are critically ill and require intensive care and thorough diagnostic work up. In a majority of veterinary clinics your veterinarian could be vaccinating a cute twelve week old kitten one minute and minutes later, diagnosing and treating a complicated medical or surgical case.

After hours, we have emergency and critical care services available at Highview Clinic and at that of our ‘on call’ partner, Northwestern Veterinary Hospital on Oliver Road.

To contact emergency services after hours, please call the Nurses’ Registry 623-9180.