Receptionist (Highview/Meadows)

Alexis has been with Highview/Meadows since 1997 where she began as a coop student! She now works as a part-time receptionist while she runs her own business, Calico Coffee House!

Alexis has a house full of rescues which include: Chalupa – a 5 year old chihuahua mix, Xena – a 9 year old doberman, Kira – a 3 year old husky mix, Tuula – a 9 year old pug, Masha – a 1 year old doberman mix, Mogley – a 7 year old cat, and Aldous Snow – a 4 year old cat. Alexis has rescued/adopted all of her pets and also fosters cats and kittens for Kitty Kare!

In her spare time, she likes to go for hikes with the dogs, reading and spending time at camp and adding to her vintage barbie doll collection!